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We are replicating here the Town Council Survey, issued in early February. If you complete the form below, your input will be passed on directly to the Town Clerk. This will make it very easy for you to complete the survey.

Newport Visitor Centre Survey

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA) has unfortunately decided to close Newport Visitor Centre. Newport Town Council (NTC) has therefore decided to apply to PCNPA for a Community Asset Transfer in which NTC would, if successful, acquire the building for community puposes.

NTC's intentions are: to use the building to house Newport Community Library, to reinstate a visitor Centre, and if possible eventually to build an extension to create a meeting room for use by the Council, community groups, local services, etc..

Newport Town Council would like to know what you think about these intentions through the completion of this short questionnaire.

  1. Do you think Newport should have a visitor centre? Please check.

    YES     NO     Don't know / no opinion

  2. Do you support Newport Town Council's intentions as described above? Please check.

    YES     NO     Don't know / no opinion

  3. Do you think the Visitor Centre should include a retail outlet? Please check.

    YES     NO     Don't know / no opinion

  4. Are you (Please tick all that apply):

    A resident of Newport or the surrounding area
    A visitor to Newport or the surrounding area
    A local business owner or manager
    An employee of a local business

  5. If Newport Town Council is successful in its application to take on the building, would you be interested in volunteering at the Centre helping visitors to Newport?

    YES     NO     Don't know / no opinion

    If YES, then please supply your name and contact details

For regular updates on progress, please provide an email address

Do you have any other comments on Newport Town Council's intentions?

The Town Council Form does not ask for a name. However, if you are willing to identify yourself then you can add your name in the field below.

When you have entered your data, please double check your details (especially email if supplied) and then click SUBMIT above. (Please don't click a second time - wait!)

Please note a copy of your submission will be emailed to you if you have included an email address.